Spoken English Classes

Spoken English Classes

We at STEP institute understand that children in India may learn English with Indian language/Gujarati grammar, or learn broken English if they do not practice English actively. Going to a Gujarati medium school can hamper a child’s ability to speak proper English. While this may not be a bad thing, if your child intends on pursuing a career abroad, learning English may be of utmost importance. Being able to communicate in English is one of the most important skills you can have in the corporate and economic world. For these purposes, STEP institute offers a 6 month course to improve the child’s spoken English. This course is not exclusive to children however. Adults who need spoken English skills can opt for this course, because the course is a one-on-one training type coaching.

Since we send private tutors, the timing can be changed and scheduled according to your convenience.

We give our students the utmost privacy and make sure we use techniques that are efficient and effective so you will know perfect spoken English by the end of six months. You will learn grammar, tone and other nuances of the language, and we can modify the course according to what you want out of the course.

Fees Structure

Sheetal Spoken English Course Fees : 6000/-
Duration : 6 Months

Why Choose Our Institute

We at STEP institute were founded in 2005 and have been affiliated with many colleges, schools, non-profit organisations and so on. We started giving coaching classes in various topics, subjects and aspects of life.

Skilled Lecturer

Our institute has highly qualified teachers and they are best at their level in our town.

Individual Doubt Session

Students can solve his/her doubt any time with expert faculties and teachers, students get personal attention.

Library Facilities

We also provide separate reading room for students. All Olympiad and entrance exam books are also available.


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